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Jim Kukral

I remember getting my first check in the mail from Amazon over ten years ago. I still remember the check. It was for about $51, and at first I couldn’t figure out why Amazon sent it to me. I quickly realized that the check was because I had, on a whim, added some of their […]

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Sure it does. It happens all the time. For instance, a town in Israel is claiming a mermaid shows up at night to frolic in the sea for all those that want to watch. Local officials are now offering a cash prize of $1 million for the first tourist to take a photograph of the […]


I wish someone would have told me all this stuff when I first started in the Web business world over 10-years ago. Knowing these insights would have saved me thousands and thousands of dollars and years of wasted work, tears and stress. These five tips are for you; the Web business builder just starting out […]


I was recently reading a post that my business partner, Shawn Collins had up on his blog,, entitled “Cynical Marketing.” In the post, Shawn talks about how there are some marketers out there that simply don’t get the fact that not everything they do has to revolve around making money. They forget that sometimes, […]

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Issue 5 of FeedFront Magazine came in the mail to me yesterday. My kids broke out the wine in honor of the cover story, “Vintage Gary Vaynerchuk, where his keynote from Affiliate Summit West 2009 is excerpted. They actually had some boxed wine, but I let them hold bottles for the picture. Here are the […]

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