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Jill Swartwout

“Those that can’t do, teach.” That is a well-known cliché, but not one that is ideal to live by. While I was working in the education system, principals were required to have at least three years of classroom experience before they could become a principal. Logically, a principal needs to know what it is that […]

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I QUIT! Yes, you read that right; I quit, well, resigned from my teaching job of eight years. I loved the children and had always wanted to be a teacher, but was unexpectedly offered an impossible-to-refuse full time position in affiliate marketing – an industry quite different from my previous career. While teaching, I did […]

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The affiliate marketing industry has a number of parent/child teams working together, such as Greg Rice and Greg Rice Jr.; Andy Rodriguez and Andy Rodriguez Jr.; and Deborah Carney and Liz Fogg-Ababon. In recent years I have become more involved in working with my father, Bill Swartwout, in what is now our company. Bill started […]