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Pictures and images are becoming the most dynamic way to drive traffic to a website, or an affiliate program. Here are three exciting new opportunities for image marketing: • Image ‘memes’ featuring words and pictures are spreading virally through social media sites, and they are generating incredible reach and click throughs. • Pinterest grew from […]

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We don’t only search on Google, now we search directly on dozens of sites. Here are business opportunities from ten different kinds of search. 1. Direct Search – If someone recommends a book, I go directly to I search for podcasts directly on iTunes. Optimize for different sites people use to search for your […]


The growth of social media sites Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn has created an exciting intersection between social media and search marketing. Here are five social marketing opportunities to improve your search performance, and five ways search can impact your social media marketing. 1. Opportunities Arise from Instant Search gives us the opportunity to […]


Twitter originally asked the question, ‘What are you doing?’ But now Twitter has evolved into a personalized news feed, as well as a source of helpful tips, business messages, and words of wisdom. Here are ten tips to get started. Step #1: Sign up Now Create your free account at Reserve your name or […]


An Excerpt from Chapter 1: Golden Rule #1 – There are No Rules When I sat down with Shari McConahay at Annie’s Costumes for our first business meeting, she confessed to me that she was a little confused by Internet marketing. “We tried banner advertising and we got some sales, but we’re not sure how […]