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It’s no hidden fact that social media is in a state of rapid growth. In an era where search engines dominate, social networks are creeping on their turf. The major players in social media are Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube. Top tier search engines, such as Google and Bing, have noticed this new social […]

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In our journey through cyberspace, we come across different decision points. One of these points focuses on testing. Testing is crucial in developing a successful website that will lead to more conversions. Testing can be done in different forms, whether it’s A/B or multi-variant. A/B testing is best described as an experiment of two content […]

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Private labeling refers to the practice of reselling a brand or entering into a co-branded agreement with a vendor. There are a many variations, but I will share a few common ones. White label mostly refers to the sale of physical products such as herbal supplements, equipment and beauty products. This practice is prolific offline, […]

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