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In recent months, Twitter has received a lot of buzz, with large companies and celebrities alike beginning to use the application to its full potential. As a social tool, its increased popularity has created a lot of news (and noise) for our minds to gather and absorb. For the marketer though, the question is; how […]


There are a number of things you should look for when deciding which networks to promote. Here are six areas I consider before putting energy into a new network. 1. Reputation How often is the network spoken about on the Internet? Are the media and blogs portraying the network negatively or positively? Why? Reputation and […]

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Going to Affiliate Summit can be very hectic. You plan your schedule ahead of time and when you arrive you do not even look at your calendar or time of events anymore. It seems you have just thrown it out your window. You wanted to attend all these sessions, meet up with specific networks, have […]