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Have you received a message from Google that reads, “As a result of your site having thin content with little or no added value, Google has applied a manual spam action to [domain name].”? I want to explain what thin content means and help you understand what to do if you get that message in […]

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You already know that there’s been a major change in how Google ranks content in the search results. It used to be it was about getting inbound links from high PageRank sites. Links from Facebook were nice, but essentially irrelevant because those profile pages were never going to rank well and so their “votes” were […]


Since the Google Panda update a few months ago, many folks have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out the algorithm. As for me, I’m simply left wondering… what’s next? Google is not likely to stop finessing the search results anytime soon, which leaves me to think about the quality Google wants […]


Mobile has been declared to be the focus of marketing with statements of next year almost as long as Red Sox fans had been saying it during their 86 year drought. 2010 is finally the next year for mobile marketing as Google CEO Eric Schmidt declared it so at the Mobile World Congress with Google’s […]


Everyone is interested in increasing their search engine visibility, yet they often overlook the basic principles of Search Engine “Pessimization”, making it exceptionally difficult for Google and others to see their landing pages. Before you invest time and money into fully optimizing for search, you must do these three very simple things to prevent Google […]