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Geno Prussakov

A year ago I came across an article on motivation in a January 2003 issue of Harvard Business Review. It was authored by Frederick Herzberg, a famous management psychologist. As I was reading through it, it struck me that making all things go right within any given affiliate program — i.e. having a 100% affiliate-friendly […]

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With the multitude of options out there, the question of how to choose an affiliate network frequently becomes the first one for a merchant to answer.  First of all, let’s clarify what we are really selecting. When looking for an affiliate network, you are looking for a vendor who will handle all of your affiliate […]


Today it seems everyone has a website. You’re not everyone though; your site is your business. Your website should be professional and encourage your visitors to buy. Shoppers today are cynical and have more choices than ever. I’ve found that many affiliates are missing or misusing these five critical pieces on their websites. Are you? […]


Have you ever wondered what makes an excellent affiliate program manager? What characteristics should one strive to possess to succeed in this capacity? In the course of over twenty-five years two luminaries of the organizational leadership, James Kouzes and Berry Posner, have been studying the characteristics of admired leaders. One of the methods they used […]


It’s been said that the majority of problems in the affiliate marketing industry stem from the lack of merchant training and education. During a recent interview I conducted with an outsourced program manager, a super affiliate and an affiliate network’s director regarding issues in the affiliate marketing industry, the first interviewee pointed to the “merchant’s […]