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For years, I have frequented affiliate marketing discussion boards and forums and have seen the question of where to find affiliates and how to recruit them come up. Many affiliate managers who are new to the game incorrectly assume that their affiliate network should be the only source of affiliates for their offer. When those […]

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I want to welcome all of the first time attendees to Affiliate Summit. This event has meant so much to me both personally and professionally over the last ten years. I’m really excited to be giving back by serving as the Emcee for Affiliate Summit East 2013. Whether this is your first Affiliate Summit, or […]

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So you’re getting ready to launch a new affiliate program and you’ve heard that you should set you’re program to auto-approve affiliate applications to save time and strike while the iron is hot with new affiliates. This is a bad idea and here are some reasons why you should watch the front door and manually […]

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Affiliates relying on Google as a traffic source are being challenged more and more each day as Matt Cutts and his team attempt to deliver more valuable search results. Every month, I hear from long-time affiliates who had relied on “content farm” strategies. These strategies offered up thousands of pages of content and affiliate links […]

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