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tl;dr – The changing landscape of acquisition email, deliverability, and compliance and how some “perceived” negative impact is creating positive change. Email is evolving, and as a result, dynamically altering the affiliate marketing landscape. Deliverability is the primary indicator of whether a campaign is successful or not, and many companies in the space are unable […]

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“The money’s in the list.” Ever heard that one? While there’s truth to that statement, it’s easy to overlook the $1,000,000 follow-up question: “What’s the best way to make money from that list?” Short answer: Build trust that leads to long-term business relationships and referrals, not just one-and-done sales and a lack of customer loyalty. […]

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You have probably heard the saying that the money is in the list. While I believe this is true, it is also important how you use your list, which is where the money really comes in. Sure, you can use your list and spam people all day long, but knowing how to market to the […]


Build profitable customer relationships by following these simple email axioms Email holds distinct advantages over other online marketing channels: It is widely used by consumers. It enables targeted, one-to-one communication with potential customers. It is repeatedly cited as delivering superior ROI over display ads, paid search and SEO (among other channels). Many affiliate marketers use […]

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