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I am puzzled by a question that has been raised frequently as of late: “In my store can I affiliate link to other products that I don’t carry?” The short answer is no. The longer answer is to actually ask a question back – “Why do you want to send the shoppers looking for your […]


Direct to merchant (DTM), pay per click (PPC) advertising has been increasingly restricted lately, with major merchants like Amazon and EBay stating they will no longer allow affiliates to use the merchant site as their landing pages in PPC campaigns. What this means to affiliates is that they will now be tasked with building their […]

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These days, it seems as though there are more places to host your content for free, than there are paid hosts. Between the free sites and social networks where you can have a profile, a page or even a blog, there are many people questioning whether there is any benefit to hosting content on their […]


Web sites need images to break up the text and show your visitors things you want them to see. Taking photos that you specifically want to use on a Web site is different than taking family photos or photos for print production. First, they don’t have to be huge in size. You simply want an […]

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