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Adult coloring books have taken the world by storm. Check the Amazon Top 100 print books sold in 2016, on any given day and you will see from ten to twenty adult coloring books. Artist Johanna Basford kicked the genre into a frenzy in 2015 with her book The Secret Garden. It captured the imagination […]

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You have a great blog or website you have been building for several years, and you wonder if there is another way to present your content or share the experiences you have had over the years. We all have knowledge we can share, but some people aren’t making the most of the content they have […]


Let’s take a look at some elements and see if they are on your site. The same things that make your site affiliate friendly will also increase your conversions. Customers need to trust you and your site before they will buy from you. Affiliates know what drives a customer to make a purchase and they […]


Affiliate program terms and conditions (or lack thereof) are often misunderstood. Some merchants set up in-house affiliate programs on networks without giving thought to how affiliates might promote their products. Suddenly an affiliate is successfully promoting a merchant via a pay-per-click campaign that includes the merchant’s brand name. The merchant is shocked, quickly turns off […]


Affiliate marketing forums are a great way to communicate with affiliates, yet many affiliate managers, merchants and OPMs (Outsourced Program Managers) ignore or fear them. The basis of online forums and social networks is to build relationships. People go to forums of interest to them to learn about a topic and to meet other people […]