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Affiliate Summit East 2009 (ASE09), the biggest of any Affiliate Summit East with 3,076 attendees, kicked off in New York City on August 9, 2009. The previous peak attendance for an Affiliate Summit East show was 2,341 in Boston last year. Day one of ASE09 featured a series of educational sessions and the Affiliate Meet […]


The seventh issue of FeedFront, the official magazine of Affiliate Summit, is at the printer and it will be hitting mailboxes in late July and early August 2009. Issue seven will also be distributed at Affiliate Summit East 2009 in New York City next month. The cover story is an interview with Lauren (aka Turbolapp […]

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I was recently reading a post that my business partner, Shawn Collins had up on his blog,, entitled “Cynical Marketing.” In the post, Shawn talks about how there are some marketers out there that simply don’t get the fact that not everything they do has to revolve around making money. They forget that sometimes, […]

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There’s a huge difference between someone saying that you’re amazing and you saying it about yourself. On the one hand, you sometimes have to explain your credentials. For instance, if I’m asking you to think about what I’m saying, you might want to know my credentials, my qualifications, where I’m from. That’s why blogs have […]