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Influencer Marketing has become a central focus for many marketers over the past year. From being a key factor in fashion, mainly involving celebrity endorsement, the term is now applied more widely across third party content marketing. Affiliate marketers, of course, would say this is what content affiliates have been doing for years – so […]

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As an Affiliate Manager, affiliate communication is your responsibility. It is arguably the most important aspect of your job. After all, you wouldn’t expect your Sales Team to sell without knowing the ins and outs of your products. Your affiliates count on you to be their advocate and communication distributor. I recommend setting a reminder […]


A common but critical question among advertisers is “what commission should I pay affiliates?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer, and implementing an effective commission structure requires careful consideration. 1. Consider the price of other online marketing options Compared to other media, the affiliate channel often stands out as a cost effective way of generating […]


The success of working with paid search affiliates is significantly impacted by your PPC policy. Consider these five points when writing or revising your PPC terms and conditions. 1. Direct Linking Advertisers facing competition on search engine results pages (SERPs) can work with affiliates to cover additional keywords and gain a stronger positioning. By allowing […]


1. You were not competitive. Surely you keep tabs on competitors regarding product development, promotions, etc. Be sure to check their affiliate program out as well. You must be able to meet or beat their offering. Your success will depend upon it. 2. You didn’t ensure the program tracked properly. Have you performed thorough testing? […]

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