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It can be challenging to stay organized in a workplace filled with email, interoffice messaging platforms, and daily meetings. Regardless of what department you work in, staying organized is one of the key factors for boosting your productivity. Luckily, new applications are being built to help employees become more efficient and take on larger responsibilities […]

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Peer-to-peer referral codes are sometimes handed out by thankful merchants to customers after a purchase. The customer is given this code to pass along to friends and family. Retailers see these codes as a simple way to drive traffic. But with the increase of codes in the marketplace, the need for clarity around rules and […]

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Detecting affiliate abuse is one of the more challenging aspects of affiliate program management.  Since the majority of affiliates add value to a program, identifying the abusive affiliates can feel a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. The performance data provided by the affiliate networks is one of the most valuable aspects of […]

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The majority of affiliates create value for their merchant partners, however most affiliate programs have been subjected to fraud at some point. Affiliate fraud can take many forms; it can be outright transaction fraud or other illegal activity, manufactured leads, misled consumers or traffic from prohibited sources. The networks do a good job providing basic […]