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Finding new affiliates to join your program can be difficult, costly, and time consuming. This is why a good way to increase your business is to create special programs to convert your latent affiliates into active affiliates. Why? On average, only 7% – 10% of the affiliates registered to a program are actually driving traffic […]

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tl;dr – Compliment current promotions, bundle, cross-promote, and become an advertiser yourself with digital goods. The worldwide digital goods market was estimated to reach $140 billion in 2013, with most sales in the North American and Asia Pacific markets, thanks to a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent expected through 2015, according to the […]

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You’ve decided to start promoting your products or services through the affiliate channel. As you’ve probably guessed, this won’t be as easy as pressing a button and saying, “Wow! My affiliates are generating millions of dollars in sales monthly.” From a financial perspective, a new affiliate program needs a certain amount of ramp-up time to […]

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As in any other performance marketing effort, you have to carefully monitor your affiliate program key performance indicators (KPIs), understand variations, and act at the right time towards reaching your objectives. The faster you react to variations, the easier the effort will be. General goals for any affiliate program are growing sales and exposure for […]