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In the online marketing world, it can be a struggle to get your voice heard, especially since many marketers will be adopting similar tactics when it comes to promoting products to their prospects. The proliferation of competitive intelligence and spy tools means that a new affiliate can create a clone copy of another affiliates campaign, […]


While every affiliate marketer coming into the industry has aspirations to be like one of the top affiliates, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park for many. Informal research shows that a large proportion of new affiliates enter the industry expecting that success will fall into their lap, only to discover that reality is […]

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As an affiliate marketer, there is a tendency to want to maximize conversions and profits, and it’s sometimes difficult to see the forest through the trees and easy to lose perspective of the greater goal of growing your business and expanding its scale. Ultimately affiliates overcome five challenges to bring their business to the next […]


There’s a perception that blogging is just a platform for creating affiliate sites and generating profits with them, which may not be totally undeserved. A well-maintained blog features frequent and new content, compared to traditional article style websites. Search engines happily send visitors seeking niche relevant content by featuring blogs high in their results. However, […]

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