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Most of us know that online video is exploding, and want to capitalize on it. But before we think about how, we need ask why. The only two reasons for posting video online are ego and money. Ego can be the desire for attention, to show-off, make someone laugh or capture snippets of life’s kaleidoscope. […]

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Getting the prospect in a “buying frame of mind” helps you maximize the amount of money you draw from your traffic, and you do that with the words you use. Here are three tactics that can bring you immediate and long-term revenue from affiliate programs by communicating more value before sending a prospect to the […]

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Let’s say you’re a total newbie to the world of Internet marketing, and have heard there is “big time” money to be made in affiliate marketing. After researching different affiliate programs, you’ve decided to enter the highly lucrative (yet highly saturated) commercial ringtone industry. You have already completed PPC training programs (I recommend Google AdWords […]


There are a number of things you should look for when deciding which networks to promote. Here are six areas I consider before putting energy into a new network. 1. Reputation How often is the network spoken about on the Internet? Are the media and blogs portraying the network negatively or positively? Why? Reputation and […]

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For the last year, my company has been implementing artificial intelligence chat to save sales following cart abandonments. As a performance-based marketing company, we are always looking for ways to improve conversions as a way to helping our clients grow. We felt that attacking cart abandonments was a really great way to help our clients […]