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In these tough economic times, one of the challenges affiliate managers constantly face is ensuring the growth and health of the affiliate programs they manage. Perhaps the most important thing is making sure their programs are financially prosperous. One of the best ways to do this is by auditing your affiliate program. There are two […]


When my company takes over the management of an existing affiliate program or launches a new one, we do so using the Structured Diversity Method I have developed. Affiliates are categorized into three distinct classifications: Aggregate Volume, High Potential, and Premium Partners. Each affiliate within any given classification is equally significant and must be treated […]


Times are tough. There is no escaping the fact that our industry is not immune to the high unemployment rates and falling consumer spending. It is affecting all of us and merchants may need to adjust their programs due to the changing landscape; sometimes even just to keep them open to affiliates. As Greek philosopher […]


Webster’s Dictionary defines autopilot as “a device for automatically steering ships, aircraft, and spacecraft.” Such systems of directing vehicles without assistance from human beings are excellent when used in the contexts that they were created for. Affiliate marketing is not one of them. However, numerous merchants run their affiliate programs the “autopilot way,” and many […]

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The affiliate program began to explore social media to better serve our publishers. We started by observing the community. Through Twitter, we followed the members of the affiliate community and learned from industry experts. Listening to discussions gave us insight into current events and helped generate ideas to improve our affiliate program. Once we […]