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With the multitude of options out there, the question of how to choose an affiliate network frequently becomes the first one for a merchant to answer.  First of all, let’s clarify what we are really selecting. When looking for an affiliate network, you are looking for a vendor who will handle all of your affiliate […]


As of August 2009, exactly nine years after launching and powering a peak of over 600 affiliate programs at one time, the FusionQuest affiliate network is closing its doors and the domain will be absorbed by ShareASale. Yes, it is a sad day. I had a lot of great plans that may be delayed a […]


The three things to look out for when making this important decision As affiliate managers grow their programs, it is common to seek other avenues to branch out. With the influx of new networks on the scene, programs in multiple networks are on the rise. Below are three key areas affiliate managers should consider when […]