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Below is a listing of personal philosophies that I follow each day in my role as an affiliate manager. I call them my Ten Affiliate Manager Commandments, because I see them as imperative, in order to do my job effectively and foster the bond between my company and the affiliates that are in my program. […]


Question: What is the future of affiliate marketing? “I believe affiliate marketing’s future will to some extent mirror the projected online advertising growth worldwide in the coming years, as several publications have predicted. Right now, affiliate marketing is one of the outlets that is (or should be) in most marketing toolkits and I think this […]


We’ve wrapped up the first issue of FeedFront magazine and we’re sending it to the printer. Issues will be mailed in June 2008. Here are the articles in the first issue: Editors Note: Missy Ward & Shawn Collins Five Ways to Evaluate a Merchant’s Landing Page: Dan Murray Pros & Cons of Utilizing Multiple Networks: […]

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