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I remember when I first started doing affiliate marketing; I thought most of my affiliate managers were just pushing offers on me because they needed volume on them, regardless of how well the offer performed. When affiliate managers operate with this mindset it can become a real problem. While part of the job of affiliate […]


Like all sales professionals, affiliates are primarily motivated by financial incentives. Contests and commission hikes are good examples of strategies that work.  Affiliates can also be inspired by anything that can help them make more money faster and more easily. With this in mind, here are seven strategies that will energize your affiliates to sell. […]

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 The rush of Christmas is over, so now would be a good time to see what sold during the holiday season and dedicate a site to that topic. I normally use January as a time to focus on one brand-new site. You can go into your analytics programs and see what people were looking for […]


Have you ever wondered what makes an excellent affiliate program manager? What characteristics should one strive to possess to succeed in this capacity? In the course of over twenty-five years two luminaries of the organizational leadership, James Kouzes and Berry Posner, have been studying the characteristics of admired leaders. One of the methods they used […]


It’s been said over and over that the key to success as an affiliate manager is maintaining good relationships with your affiliates. The foundation of any good relationship is communication, enforcing the need to be available across multiple channels for your affiliates to get in touch with you. Making yourself available for your affiliates will […]

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