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Most people think Internet marketers are pimply, nerdy kids, with no social skills who hang out in their parent’s basement playing Dungeons & Dragons. I do know my fair share of those people, but overall, Internet marketers are a well rounded group of people. Stereotyping the industry would be completely unfair, as this industry has […]


The typical CPA affiliate has three main components to a campaign that determine whether it’s a failure or a success: Traffic Source -> Landing Page -> Affiliate Offer. We’ll discuss traffic sources, as this component can make or break the whole campaign. Paid traffic sources typically fall into a few major categories with countless subcategories. […]


Affiliates are starting to hear more and more about local affiliate marketing.  Some affiliates are so excited about the prospect of picking some low hanging fruit that they claim local affiliate marketing is going to be the next hottest niche.   Various bloggers, including myself, have written about their local online marketing experiences.  You often hear […]

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