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April 2010

Mobile has been declared to be the focus of marketing with statements of next year almost as long as Red Sox fans had been saying it during their 86 year drought. 2010 is finally the next year for mobile marketing as Google CEO Eric Schmidt declared it so at the Mobile World Congress with Google’s […]


“Hobbies of any kind are boring except to people who have the same hobby.” – Dave Barry I’m reminded of that quotation every time I try to explain Twitter to anyone, or defend its worth. As a performance marketer, or someone on the verge of entering into our world, this is a critical piece of […]


No, this is not another article asking “Do you have a Twitter account for your business?” or “How much time do you spend on Twitter?” Rather, this article is going to challenge you to ask yourself about your current Twitter strategies. The key question is, when you Tweet, are you talking at people, or are […]

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On the Saturday following Affiliate Summit West 2010, the first email alert came: “Over the summer you alerted us to legislation that would harm affiliate marketers. House Bill 10-1193 was introduced yesterday, requiring any out-of-state retailer with affiliate referral relationships to collect sales taxes.” Sure enough, the Affiliate Tax fight had come to Colorado. For […]


To recognize Earth Day and all that it means. We thought it would be a good idea to reach out to our FeedFront audience and encourage you to update, change or remove any old addresses that we may have in our FeedFront magazine direct mailing list. If you have any questions about addresses that we […]