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June 2009

As an affiliate marketer, there is a tendency to want to maximize conversions and profits, and it’s sometimes difficult to see the forest through the trees and easy to lose perspective of the greater goal of growing your business and expanding its scale. Ultimately affiliates overcome five challenges to bring their business to the next […]


Running a membership site has exploded in popularity as an Internet business model. Online business owners are finally recognizing what the “early adopters” discovered years ago: membership sites can be extremely profitable, have a low startup cost, and can actually be fun to run. The concept is easy enough. You have some information, knowledge, or […]

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There will be a convergence of two worlds, MLM and affiliate marketing. If you’re only in one world, you need to understand the other so you can get beyond the misconceptions and better compete. Know that there are legitimate MLM (“network marketing”) companies. These differ from pyramids which are illegal. When a firm pays new […]


With more than 3,200 in attendance, Affiliate Summit West 2009 in Las Vegas goes down in the record books as a sell out and the largest show to date. Opening up the conference on Sunday was the Affiliate Meet Market; the room was full of energy. A scaled down version of the exhibit hall (tables […]

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I was recently reading a post that my business partner, Shawn Collins had up on his blog,, entitled “Cynical Marketing.” In the post, Shawn talks about how there are some marketers out there that simply don’t get the fact that not everything they do has to revolve around making money. They forget that sometimes, […]

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