Maximize Your Potential Working with YouTube Influencers – By Michael Pomposello

by Jenae Reid on April 12, 2017

In 2017, influencer marketing is a cornerstone of most media plans being created by top brands and affiliates alike. In late 2016 and into early 2017 we are seeing a tremendous rise in popularity of partnering with YouTube influencer channels, as they have proven to not only be an effective driver of brand awareness, but they are also driving qualified leads and sales.

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Let’s look at some guidelines for how to have the most successful campaign possible.

Calculating Rates:

Determining what is “fair” is often a challenge when partnering with influencers of any kind and YouTube influencers are no different. Luckily, there are some standards. These sponsorships are usually priced on a CPV (cost per view.) “Views” are defined as the number of views publicly listed on the video page thirty days after it went live. When structuring these deals, the channel should provide the number of views they guarantee to hit in a thirty-day window, and the CPV is multiplied by this number to determine the price of the sponsorship. If the number of views exceeds the guarantee, the price remains fixed and no additional views are charged.

Selecting Influencers:

Is my offer evergreen or timely? This question is key when determining which kind of influencer you want to partner with because some put out content that is relevant in the moment, and others strive to produce videos that will live on forever and garner most of the views over time from people finding the video from YouTube or Google search.

If you are promoting something directly tied to an upcoming event, such as a holiday promotion, for best success look to partner with creators who are making videos that people look to watch right away. The #1 example of this on YouTube are vloggers. This strategy works well because their viewers tune in right away to see their most recent update when the information is still relevant. In turn, your offer is seen in a timely fashion, as well. It should be noted that because of the nature of the vlogs, once the video goes live it has a very short “shelf life” of maximum efficacy.

On the contrary, other creators produce content that is informative to a target audience in perpetuity. While this content will get views from their loyal following when it initially goes live, the real value that it can provide to a marketer is that it will be found in both YouTube search results and Google search results for people looking for relevant solutions. If your offering is not time sensitive, this is often the best way to go. For example, we executed a campaign like this for a Fortune 500 automotive parts retailer by partnering their brand with a YouTube creator who makes videos that shows viewers how to do their own automotive repair. Any time someone is looking up how to fix their car problems, they find the creator’s videos and are exposed to the sponsor’s brand and links.


Michael Pomposello is co-founder of Influencer Connect and blogs for “The Connection” at

This article appeared in issue 38 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2017.

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