Maximize Micro-Influencers for Increased Affiliate Revenue – By Stephanie Robbins

by Jenae Reid on April 14, 2017


The industry is buzzing with the word ‘influencer.’ Attendees packed the room at the Advertiser’s Crash Course in Influencer Marketing session during Affiliate Summit West. It was the highest attended session at the conference. Affiliate managers and OPMs (Outsource Program Management agencies) understand the power of influencer marketing and its place in the affiliate space.

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What is often overlooked is the power of smaller influencers, commonly known as micro-influencers. Micro-influencers have smaller followings, typically under 10,000. Micro-influencers may not have the large following of a celebrity influencer, but their ability to deliver sales does not disappoint. In my experience, these content affiliates outperform their larger counterparts.

Why Do Micro Influencers Bring More Sales?

Here are some reasons why these smaller niche content affiliates are the sweet spot for conversions and ROI.

Just Right

There are certainly many online celebrities who understand the power of affiliate marketing. Many are able to demand high flat-fee rates without the risk of a cost for performance model. With micro-influencers you are not competing with the larger brands and proposals. In recruitment, I have a higher on-boarding rate with micro-influencers

Relatable and Connected

With smaller audiences, these influencers can connect at a personal level with their followers. As we all know, affiliate marketing has and always will be about relationships. It makes sense to work with an influencer who has stronger relationships. Closer relationships translate to more sales because, after all, friends buy from friends.


When I speak to the power of micro-influencers, I am specifically referring to smaller, niche affiliates. If your product or service fits his/her niche, there is a natural alignment of passion and knowledge. This organic connection is what creates authenticity and deeper storytelling. A more engaged customer is more likely to buy.


Trust increases with more intimate engagement. Simply put, intimate engagement is more likely to exist with smaller numbers. Larger influencers can’t keep up with responses.

How To Engage Micro Influencers

The good news is that not only do micro-influencers create great affiliate sales; they are also easy to recruit.

Know Your Niche

To optimize your outreach, know where your product or service most resonates. I have multiple niches for each program I run. Each niche has their own recruitment strategy. If you do not truly understand who your product or service will most connect with, not only will your recruitment fail, but also any potential for sales will be lost.


As mentioned several times, micro-influencers have a stronger engagement with their followers. Become one of their followers. Engage on social media. Comment on blog posts. If you have the right niche, engagement is easy and authentic.


Micro-influencers may not give you diva attitude but they certainly know their value… as well they should. Present a profitable and aggressive compensation plan. You are not the only manager seeking this affiliate out simply because s/he is smaller.

So, get out there, connect, and watch your affiliate revenue grow.


Stephanie Robbins connects brands to niche online influencers to incrementally grow revenue through affiliate programs.

This article appeared in issue 38 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2017.



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