How to Expand Your Affiliate Business Internationally – By Egbert Snijders

by Jenae Reid on April 20, 2017

Always wondered how to expand your affiliate business as a publisher outside the US and become an international success? Start with the following 5 tips.FeedFront issue 38 cover

  1. Choose an affiliate network with international advertisers.
    Start your international affiliate journey by finding an affiliate network that includes advertisers from across the globe. A great starting point from a publisher perspective is to search for larger affiliate networks with a lot of international advertisers to choose from.
  1. Research international advertisers.
    Once you identify a network with international advertisers, do some research into the local productivity of the advertisers. Evaluate which advertisers are successful and popular in their country of origin. What are their local conversion rates? Once you have chosen your main advertisers, start looking for smaller, niche advertisers that will make your portfolio more diverse.
  1. Culture and customer behavior.
    Get a basic understanding of the different cultures in each country. The easiest way to learn more about customer behavior outside the US is to have conversations with international affiliate managers. They know their customer behavior and spending patterns. For example, US customers are very focused on online shopping, with the largest international spending with an average revenue of $1,804 per shopper in 2016. The United Kingdom follows with: $1,629 and Sweden with $1,446. Adjust your marketing strategy to match to local spending habits.
  1. Learn the language?
    From a product promotion perspective, and for ease of communication with local advertisers, it is easiest to select a country outside the US where English is a de facto official language. Think about Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. Consider selecting a country that is proficient at English as a second language. The top three countries that are proficient at English as second language are the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. The downside in these countries is that you will likely need to promote the product in the local language. Request advertising material from the advertiser or the advertisers might help you translate your promotion strategy into the local language.
  1. Different country, different laws.
    The most common laws outside the US affecting affiliate marketing include the EU cookie law and the Canada’s anti-spam law (CASL). If you decide to choose to work with an advertiser in the EU, you need to get consent from your website visitor that they agree with the cookies your website is using. If you decide to promote using a Canadian advertiser, be aware of the CASL. CASL requires companies to obtain customer permission to use personal data for any type of communication. In case of CASL non-compliance, some serious penalties are involved. Prior to collaboration with international advertiser make sure you learn the local laws to keep you out of trouble.

There are definitely some challenges, but if you use these five tips as a foundation, you could be very successful.


International Digital Marketing Specialist and AVP of digital marketing at Mariner Finance.

This article appeared in issue 38 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2017.

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