Dollar a Day Facebook Hacks – By Dennis Yu

by Jenae Reid on May 9, 2017


A couple weeks ago, my buddy, Bryce Clark, got ripped off by a Phoenix used car dealer. And though his earlier efforts were shot down, the dollar a day hack targeting employees of the dealership got resolution within 48 hours.FeedFront issue 38 cover

Isaac Irvine, who manages the personal brands at GoDaddy, used the dollar a day tactic last month to get a speaking gig at WordCamp Atlanta. He made one minute videos and amplified (boosted) to micro-audiences of tech influencers.

We had Adidas as a client for social ads and analytics, then used those examples to target employees of Nike working in marketing in Beaverton. This tactic got us meetings, which then led to my dream deal.

I’ve done this hundreds of times over the last ten years and it works like a charm.

It’s not software or cheating.  Rather, it’s about super micro-targeted saved audiences in Ads Manager based on workplace targets paired with “journalistic” content.  

The key is not the micro-targeting, but the high authority that comes from proof, ideally published on a reputable website. For example, we do Facebook ads for the Golden State Warriors. Nowhere on do we talk about this. Instead, Facebook placed a case study on their blog. The American Marketing Association posted our step-by-step process for Facebook remarketing on their site. And the digital team at the Warriors talk about us at conferences.

When we see this high authority content hit, we share it from our BlitzMetrics page and/or my public figure page, then boost for a dollar a day to people who work at the NBA, the Chicago Bulls, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and so forth.

If you don’t have “proof”, then no amount of boosting or targeting will make up for this. The dollar a day hack is an amplifier– it multiplies by 1,000.  So if you start with zero, multiplying by 1,000 still gives you zero.

How does this apply to you?

Anything that’s working for you, make sure there is proof online.  It could be a picture of you with someone famous (creates “authority” via social validation), an article you wrote or that mentions you, or something from a client of yours. The key is THEY must be talking about you, not you talking about you.

And then you boost it from your page, not your user profile. People get this confused all the time, thinking their profile is a Facebook “page”.

Mark Lack used the dollar a day boost to generate more speaking deals and lucrative consulting clients. He interviewed Tai Lopez at his house and then boosted that video first to people who like Tai Lopez, generating tens of thousands of views. Then he switched the audience mid-boost to people that work at major media outlets.

Are you ready to become famous or drop nuclear bombs for a dollar a day?


Dennis Yu is CTO of BlitzMetrics, where he provides digital training programs for young adults.

This article appeared in issue 38 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2017.

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