FeedFront Magazine Issue 38 (April 2017) is Now Available

by Shawn Collins on March 31, 2017

Issue 38 of FeedFront is headed to the printer and subscribers will be getting their copies in the coming weeks.

FeedFront issue 38 cover

This issue of FeedFront Magazine includes Face-to-Face Networking in an Online World by Michelle Held, Meditation Makes Happy Affiliate Marketers by Sean Yoon McDevitt, and Dollar a Day Facebook Hacks by Dennis Yu.

Also, there is coverage on affiliate management, common website mistakes, compliance, coreg, international expansion, micro-influencers, omni-channel affiliate programs, press releases, writing copy, YouTube influencers, and more.

Issue 38 of FeedFront Magazine can now be viewed online, downloaded, and printed from issuu.com.

Get the FeedFront RSS if you’d like to get all of the articles as they are published to the feed.

If you haven’t subscribed, you can get the magazine for free in the U.S. (sorry to everybody else, but mailing outside of the U.S. is very expensive). Also, become a fan of FeedFront on Facebook to see past issues, covers, etc.

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