Making Your Business Sexy on Social Media – By Michelle Held

by Jenae Reid on February 6, 2017

A few months ago, I was leading a webinar on social media audits. The session ended with typical questions about the best practices for content, productivity, and building a following.

Then someone posted one last question to the chat window:

“I’m not very sexy. What do I post on social media?”

Well now, good thing we all have our webcams off! LOL.

What he really meant was that he did not feel that his business could ever fit in with those beautiful Instagram posts, and that it was too boring for even Twitter, never mind somewhere fresh like Snapchat.

His line of business was supposedly not visually appealing, but he still wanted a social media strategy. Mr. Unattractive felt like a wallflower in social media world. Thinking that a business is too unsexy or boring for social media is a common concern that prevents many from getting started.

In webinars, workshops, and live audits, I always want to have at least a preliminary solution, so I asked him what line of work he was in. He told the webinar audience that he owned a moving company. Phew. Easy. Although his question is valid, moving vans are far from ugly ducklings. A moving company is actually easy to market.

If your brand, product, or business is not one of the beautiful genre that are easy to represent in photos and market on social (think travel, beauty, fashion), then you will indeed have to work a little and get creative when developing content.

We know that social media posts that are accompanied by photos earn more engagement and clicks. A photo in a Facebook or Twitter stream stands out, because it takes up more real estate in a crowded space. Eye-catching visuals get readers’ attention, making them more likely to remember your content. Images are necessary on the other social channels to get maximum effect.

To market a so-called boring company on social media or in anywhere, think about the needs your business fills for a potential customer, and how to connect with their emotions.

Most people move at least once in their lifetime, although not everyone employs professional movers. I advised him to talk about the positives that his business brings: sincere photos of his family run team, workers carefully packing and loading your belongings, photos of houses or businesses they’ve served to show us what size job they can handle.

Boring businesses can use ancillary topics like insurance and property value concerns. This all gives them quality content for their blogs and provides content for social.

B2B’s tend to be the industries that fall into the boring category. A few weeks later, I was asked the same question. This time from a global brand that sells cranes. Challenging? You bet. Impossible? Never say never. Let’s call it social media for not so sexy businesses.

My extreme makeover session for boring businesses is on January 15 at Affiliate Summit West. We’ll discuss what works. I look forward to seeing you in Vegas.


Michelle is an and author and digital agency owner who blogs on and

This article appeared in issue 37 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2017.


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