Productivity, Prioritizing Goals, and Overcoming Setbacks – By Travis Glenn

by Jenae Reid on January 30, 2017

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a month.” unknown

We all want more hours in the day. Our schedules are filled with commitments, meetings, personal appointments, and huge piles of emails. It’s easy to overbook yourself. This can leave us frustrated and unproductive.

There are a few strategies I’ve found that help organize my week and tackle goals. These tips can help prioritize high value tasks and adjust to unexpected setbacks.

Goal Setting Triage

We all utilize some form of goal setting. Where most of us fall short is in conducting a deep evaluation of these goals and tasks. Do this and triage accordingly.

There are many productivity apps that are available, yet I’ve had more luck with an old school approach. A physical day planner is perfect for this. There is a limited amount of space for each day block. This forces you to focus on the top five tasks. When choosing your tasks, think quality over quantity.

There will be dozens of smaller things you do everyday, but what are the five tasks that will make the biggest impact for you, your employer, and your customers? Keep your planner close to your computer and check it frequently to keep yourself on track for completing your big five. You can even do a little victory celebration once you cross off your tasks.

Timeframe Perspective

In addition to using a planner to hit five high priority goals each day, you can project out to develop an overview of your entire week, month, quarter, and year. You don’t have to figure out every detail months in advance, but you may have some major events and initiatives to plan for.

Work backwards from a major goal and add in the steps that are required to make it happen. Stay mindful of your weekly timeframes. If you’re knocking off five high value tasks each day, that’s 25 in a typical five-day workweek; well over 1,000 in a year. Completing 1,000 tasks that are truly high value will lead to some amazing results.

Expect the unexpected.

Life happens. The best made plans don’t always work out. Challenges, failures, distractions, even emergencies will strike at inconvenient times. Flexibility and ferocity can help overcome these setbacks.

Be flexible enough that you don’t meltdown when things go wrong. Things rarely play out exactly as we expect them to, and that’s okay. Be flexible and realize that you may have to course correct and try a backup plan to accomplish your objectives.

That’s where ferocity comes in. If your goals are truly vital, get them done. If some unexpected emergency made it impossible to accomplish anything on Tuesday and Wednesday, work on Saturday and Sunday. Or double up your hours or your efforts on Thursday and Friday. Sometimes, you can delegate or lean on your team to help out in a pinch, but often it takes hustle and hard work.


Social Media Marketer and Biz Dev Director at the PeerFly Affiliate Network.  Twitter: @travispeerfly

This article appeared in issue 37 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2017.

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