Get Your Users into the Mobile Age – By Vadim Rogovskiy

by Jenae Reid on January 11, 2017


The race for business world dominance moves on, and mobile seems to be leading in it. In fact, we are approaching a mobile tipping point, where the percentage of Internet access from mobile devices begins to exceed that of all other devices combined.

According to GlobalWebIndex, mobile may surpass all other platforms, in terms of time spent online in 2016.

How to adjust to the change of client’s demand?

Audiences need to be reached in the environment they inhabit. If your audience is app users, it is worth thinking about having such an app, since mobile apps as a medium of interaction have a number of advantages over websites. One would also mention the level of interaction it delivers, the ability to involve user with messages and notifications, a higher loading speed, better performance, and other benefits.

So, how to get more users and the most out of them?

Don’t dwell on the applications

Forrester notes that more time should be given to the study of mobile subtleties, tracking all actions of users, rather than simply observing the growth of weekly app downloads and arriving visitors to the website.

Understand mobile users

In an increasingly data-driven world, companies are trying to understand the motives of their customers. A study conducted by Harvard Business Review showed that 60% of mobile usage happens at home. Examining the ways to engage users via their devices can allow the company devote all its efforts to meet the target demographic groups.

The context is the key to mobile marketing. Unlike marketing for the PC, your mobile marketing should be dynamic and should depend on what and where your audience is doing, or on a specific location and time.

You should convey the right message at the right time, based on the location and needs of your audience. To become a part of the 30 billion actions committed on mobile devices daily, integrate your strategies for mobile and desktop marketing to communicate with the audience on their (and not on your) terms.


Loyalty and payments in mobile are inextricably linked. The most successful applications in this segment are created by such innovative companies as Starbucks, Amazon, and Uber. They managed to successfully link the payment system and loyalty program, making them an integral part of everyday life of their users. Progressive brands need to give their customers the experience of using loyalty programs in relation to the payments on the go.

So where should you aim your marketing efforts?

If businesses use technology and benefits of mobile Internet in a smart way, they will be able to interact directly with their customers, and thus leave their slower competitors behind. Also, being able to change the content marketing strategy and use third-party apps can help influence the target audience anyplace, anytime.

So, your primary goal is to establish your presence in the mobile segment in a way that people can find you where and when they need it most.

Vadim Rogovskiy is the Founder of Clickky – a platform for mobile monetization and user acquisition.

This article appeared in issue 37 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2017.

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