Your Affiliate Program on Social Media – By Victoria Galperina

by Jenae Reid on December 19, 2016


Running an in-house affiliate program is similar to operating a business, and most any business that has hopes and ambitions of making it big could benefit from a social media presence.

Here are five reasons why your affiliate program should be on social media:


Finding and luring in new affiliates is one of the most difficult tasks an affiliate program manager faces. A great way to attract potential prospects is to make yourself known and available by being where your audience is present. A Facebook page and Twitter profile allow you to list information about your program, what you offer, and how to find you. By posting industry-relevant content, you can establish yourself as an expert and attract potential affiliates, who become interested in finding out more about the brand behind the information.


Social media is an excellent channel for information sharing. As a program, you can make posts that are relevant for your affiliates, including your latest updates. Did you add a new language? Share it. Are you running a contest for affiliates? Let your audience know and participate. Inform your followers and listen to what they say.


Social media can also become a great platform for onboarding. Have you thought about creating introductory and educational videos on your YouTube channel? It is a great way to both share your knowledge and help your affiliates succeed, by providing them with relevant video content. Filmed tips and how-to guides that you add to your YouTube channel can also be used to enhance your blog posts and newsletters.

Brand Recognition

This is a big deal if you are running a program under a different brand, or if the main product or service you are offering is not very well known. Social media is a way of putting yourself on the map. To gain recognition, you need to share valuable and relevant information. Become an informational filter and only share what you would find interesting if you were on the other end.


Many businesses dread having to do this, for the fear of making themselves vulnerable to various questions and comments. However, by being there, you tell your followers: “Hey! I’m here and ready to help, so ask me anything you want”, which definitely makes you stand out.

Remember, social media is a two-way street. If you choose this path, it is not only for you to spread your news. You are there to listen and to get involved in the issues that your followers find interesting, so like, share, and comment away – that is how you build your reputation and gain trust on social media, and that is ultimately the reason why people will or will not follow you.

Victoria Galperina is the Head of Affiliate Marketing at SEMrush. Find her on LinkedIn.

This article appeared in issue 37 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2017.

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