5 Steps to Relaunch an Affiliate Program – By Cristian Miculi

by Jenae Reid on December 12, 2016

Sometimes your affiliate program gets idle, whether it’s because no dedicated person handles it, or it’s not seen as a priority. Symptoms of this idle mode include:

  • Lower rates of the monthly affiliate sign-up numbers than before;
  • Slightly declining affiliates revenue, month over month;
  • Constant decrease of sales and traffic active affiliates.

Here are the five steps you should take to relaunch the affiliate program:

  1. Make sure the affiliates’ traffic has a smooth conversion path. Look at the shopping cart or sign-up form: it should support local languages (and payment methods); customers should know where they are in the process; and the cart must have payment processor contact information and trust seals.

Check the dedicated landing pages for affiliates for clear call-to-actions and ensure the messaging on the banners and videos is coherent with the destination landing pages.

  1. Optimize network listings and affiliate info page. To recruit new affiliates, educate them about your products and services, and give them the information to decide on joining the program.

As the most important factor for affiliate, when choosing a merchant to work with, is the affiliate network or tracking platform (AffStat 2015 survey), make sure yours is trusted by affiliates. Go through your affiliate network advertiser profile and make sure it’s still relevant as category, keywords, commission information, terms, restrictions, etc.

Customize the network emails – application, acceptance and rejection. Don’t forget to tell the affiliates what your products do, and how to reach you for more details.

The affiliate information page on your website should tell affiliates how much they earn, when they get paid, how to join, and any restrictions you have (e.g. brand use in paid search).

  1. Refresh your ads and deals. Banners should be refreshed at least twice a year and you should roll out dedicated banners for special campaigns, such as Black Friday, summer sales, etc. Use video ads for your products – include your product videos on the landing pages affiliates use.
  1. Identify top potential affiliates from your niche and give them the red carpet treatment. Find them online, promoting your competitors, and in the affiliate network. Co-branded landing pages, exclusive deals, exclusive banners, and giveaways for their audience are some examples to stir-up their interest. Often, you may have to get a paid listing to open the relationship with a publisher, but eventually your goal is for them to promote you as an affiliate.
  1. Communicate regularly with affiliates. According to the AffStat 2015 survey, about 80% of affiliates consider their relationship with the affiliate manager to be valuable, if not crucial. So get that newsletter section updated at least once a month, and speak individually with your top performers on a bi-weekly basis. Go with different messaging for each affiliate category depending on their promotion channels: content, coupons, email, paid search, etc.

To wrap this up: don’t expect overnight results – this should take at least 3 months to see the first results.


Cristian heads up performance marketing for Connectify and Speedify networking software apps

This article appeared in issue 37 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2017. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-37


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