ShareASale Recruiting Tool: Is It Worth It? – Jennifer Parker

by Jenae Reid on October 26, 2016

feedfront-35-cover-188x240Have you, like me, always wanted an easy, inexpensive, and streamlined way to recruit affiliates through ShareASale? Well, you just got your wish.

I opened an email on a late July afternoon from ShareASale with the subject line: “Find New Affiliates with our ‘Rockstar Affiliate Series.’” Looking almost like an afterthought, an orange box at the bottom of the screen whispered,“…add the Recruitment Tool to your account.”

My eyes grew large and I gasped (not really). What I felt was akin to the new season of Sherlock coming early and winning a tax-free Tesla, all rolled into one. So eleven minutes after the email appeared in my box, I hit “Send” on an inappropriately enthusiastic email.

The closest thing ShareASale has had to this tool, in my experience, is the Affiliate Invitation Program. For $200 (+$5.00 for each qualifying affiliate) you’re able to send invitations during a two-week period. With the new tool, you can invite affiliates for free (as long as you meet certain requirements). There is a limit of twenty invites a month, but you can “earn” two points back per accepted invitation, effectively canceling out the original “cost” of the invite.

The interface is one I hadn’t used before, but it was easy enough to navigate. The live tutorial ShareASale offers really helped with that. You can set up rules for incentives. You can also craft and save email templates to be sent to prospective affiliates.

Since the incentive and email templates are separate from each other, mixing and matching is a breeze, and further customization is an option. Before adding an affiliate to your basket, you’re able to see a merchant feedback score, as well as where an affiliate ranks in earnings and potential. These metrics are sortable ascending to descending and vice versa.

In keeping with the best practice of personalizing your email for an individual site, you are required to preview all recruiting emails before hitting “Send.” This also gives you a chance to fiddle with the wording without changing the saved email template. I’ve sent nearly a dozen invites, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily I was able to set up and send them.

A cool feature that I wasn’t expecting is the “Relationship” tab. After you do an in-network search, any affiliates with whom you already have a relationship with will collect under this tab, which is located above your search results. Stats appear to the right of the listing. If you see that someone has top or high potential, but aren’t really doing much for your program, you can offer an incentive to encourage improved performance. Just remember to contact the affiliate outside of the recruiting tool, because you will be charged a point. I tested that for you. You’re welcome.

All in all, I find the new tool very flexible, user-friendly, and useful. If you’re a ShareASale merchant, I highly recommend it.

Jennifer Parker is the Panel Recruiting Manager at Decision Analyst.

This article appeared in issue 36 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2016.

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