Ride the Wave of Adult Coloring Books – By Deborah Carney

by Jenae Reid on October 25, 2016

feedfront-35-cover-188x240Adult coloring books have taken the world by storm. Check the Amazon Top 100 print books sold in 2016, on any given day and you will see from ten to twenty adult coloring books.

Artist Johanna Basford kicked the genre into a frenzy in 2015 with her book The Secret Garden. It captured the imagination and pencils of adults that had been secretly coloring in kid’s books and struggling to find coloring books that were focused on adult topics, plus more complicated images than you can find in kid’s coloring books.

Brands have a unique opportunity to reach people that they might not normally. Listing a print book on Amazon is easy. The Amazon machine gets traffic and expands your brand.

In addition to your book listings themselves, where you can talk about your brand, every published author can create an author landing page that can include videos and your blog feed. This is a rich environment for discoverability that the search engines all pick up in addition to your presence on Amazon itself.

Here are some examples of how your brand can benefit from having an adult coloring book:

  1. Lodging: Art of the area you are located or something unique to you.
  1. Marketing Companies: Inspirational art focused on the message your company wants to spread.
  1. Any Business: Art that represents your message.

Creating an adult coloring book, with as few as five pages, can be a lead magnet for your company. Find images and word art that embodies your company message. Then create PDFs that you can offer as a newsletter sign up incentive. Periodically, send a new one to your list as a reminder about your company.

Adults that color are rabid and love to share their coloring. There are over 100 Facebook groups dedicated to adults sharing their colored in images, with more being created every day. These groups range from a few hundred members to 50,000+ members. There are groups specifically for sharing free printables and you want your branded pages to be in those groups.

In early 2016, I hosted a giveaway of print adult coloring books and used a low cost Facebook ad that drove 3,000 new newsletter subscribers and 9,000 new Facebook likes. The post itself had over 17,000 shares, 8,000 likes, 6,000 comments, and reached over 350,000 people. Of the people reached 50% of those were organic and the other 50% were paid. That is 175,000 organic views.

Art can be found in a number of ways, the easiest and most expensive, is to commission art made specifically for your company. Less expensive, but not as unique, is to go to stock art sites that allow their images to be used for coloring pages commercially and purchase those.

Colorists are looking for unique and interesting images to color that align with their interests. If you can provide those interesting images, either in a PDF download or a print book, you will create new rabid fans for your brand.

Deborah Carney is a marketing consultant that also runs a network of book promotion websites.

This article appeared in issue 36 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2016. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-36

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