Marketing Medical Products? Three Things to Know – By Dr. Nancy Markley

by Jenae Reid on October 20, 2016

feedfront-35-cover-188x240Affiliate marketing offers the chance to market just about any type of product under the sun. However, certain products can present unique challenges for affiliate marketers.

Medical products are an example of a type of product that affiliate marketers can find too intimidating to start selling. As these products are supposed to help with certain medical or health conditions, affiliate marketers want to know what they can do to make sure that the product that they are promoting is effective, and will not cause harm to their potential buyers.

Here are some tips for affiliate marketers to find success in marketing medical products:

  1. Marketing medical products isn’t as limited as you may think.

Medical device marketing isn’t limited to niche blogs. Medical products promote better health and wellness: something that everyone wants to have. Anyone can market medical products on their site. Are you a lifestyle writer promoting healthy habits, or a mommy blogger talking about your daily life and the products that make your life easier?

Start by looking for programs that will send you products for review. Having the product in your hands, and being able to try it out will help you determine whether the product is a fit for you and your brand. It also helps to promote products that you truly trust and even use in your daily life.

  1. Look for signs of credibility and authenticity.

Effective, real-deal medical devices are clinically proven and approved by regulatory boards around the world. Look for products made by reputable companies that have the proper licences and certifications, especially if you have a fairly local audience that you might potentially sell products to.

Search for affiliate marketing programs with dedicated managers who can provide the information you may need and support your inquiries about the authenticity, legitimacy, and effectiveness of the product. This could be in the form of testimonials and other additional marketing materials.

  1. Focus on the benefits of the product, instead of the issue.

Because medical products and devices are supposed to help ease or solve certain health issues, it can be easy to simply talk about these health issues, which can give your content a somewhat negative approach or connotation. What can really help you stand out from your affiliate competitors is focusing your content and your copy on the benefits that the product can bring to your customers.

Positive sentiments are better received than negative sentiments, by both readers and platforms like social networks. Certain keywords that you may think are not necessarily negative can still be perceived as such, and therefore, focusing on the benefits will help your content, and your affiliate links, in the long run.

Marketing medical products can benefit affiliate marketers, and not just from a sales perspective. The product may affect positive change into their own lives, and when equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to succeed, they can help spread this positive change to their readers.

Dr. Nancy Markley is President/CEO of Good Morning Snore Solution® and its Affiliate Program. @SnoreSolPartner

This article appeared in issue 36 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2016.

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