Blueprints of Successful Pay Per Click Campaign – By Sumit Dhawan

by Sara Szado on April 28, 2016


A strong pay per click campaign delivers converting actions within positive ROI (return of investment). To understand the foundation of pay per click advertising, we need to learn simple mechanism behind it. In short, it’s an open auction where sponsors or advertisers bid against each other to display their ad on the top placement of a search engine or websites.

This is so they can reach their targeted potential customers who complete desired actions, such as purchase, leads, filling out an inquiry form, or making a call.

The blueprint for setting up a successful, profitable pay per click (PPC) campaign is measuring, managing and refining your campaign and it’s really much more than just bidding higher on keywords of your niche. The most common reason behind failed pay per click campaigns is poor management which results in you spending a fortune which generates many visits but all ends up with no converting actions.

Five effective techniques, which you can apply to your campaigns, are discussed below:

Utilize Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a really powerful, feature for a variety of effects, including increasing click through rate, boosting conversion rate, and decreasing cost per actions. And the best part is you actually paying nothing extra to get these several additional calls to action in your ad copy.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

A lot of people have misconceptions about using dynamic keyword insertion: they think searcher’s search query will show up in their ads, but it’s not true. Dynamic keyword insertion only inserts the keywords you’re are bidding on, so it will serve more relevant ads to your audience, as long you have done your keyword research correctly.

Selection of Ad Copy

Ad copy can either make or break your online business, depending on the techniques you use when implementing your ads. First, make sure your ads are original. Second, they must be unique and captivate the customer’s attention. Third, understand the psychological niche of product you are advertising and target pages that pertain to it. Bad copy does not convey the message you want it to deliver, which results in low quality traffic and a waste of money.

Testing New Elements

Testing is key for success in pay per click advertising; this is not limited to testing new ad patterns, but also split testing between two landing pages, testing specific time of day or weekends, new countries, new call to actions headlines, and many more.

Track Everything

The best thing about pay per click advertising is the capability to track where every penny of your budget is being spent, which allows you to optimize your best converting keywords, by implementing conversion tracking, while deleting non performing keywords. These small adjustments can result in success for any campaign, which will help improve overall quality scores and click through rates of ads.

Sumit Dhawan is CEO of Dhawans Enterprises LLC and blog at

This article appeared in issue 34 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2016.

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