Improve Your Blogger Outreach – By Kelby Carr

by Sara Szado on April 22, 2016


Bloggers can be wildly influential and a great way to get the word out about your products and services, but the strategy used to outreach to bloggers can be very different than that used for other content creators.

Here are five ways you can improve your blogger outreach, so that it’s a win-win for both you and the bloggers:

Stop Talking in Affiliatespeak

Most bloggers are writers at their heart. They already have had to juggle learning coding and marketing and design and every single social media platform that exists. Not all of them understand, or even want to learn, all the common affiliate terms.

It isn’t a matter of them being too dumb or inexperienced. It’s a matter of them having about a billion balls to juggle, and they don’t have time to learn a new thing until they know, for a fact, it’s worth their time. Write your communications as if you’re writing to someone who knows nothing about affiliate marketing.

Money Talks, So Start Talking Money

Yes, of course, affiliate commissions are wonderful. Here’s the thing: marketers have been carrot dangling to bloggers for a decade, and most of the time those promises are never met. Go into blogger outreach knowing that if you say they could make money later, they’ll likely walk, and not believe you.

The best way to get a blogger’s attention is to pay them NOW. A paid campaign followed by a handcrafted affiliate setup for the blogger for future content can be a great hybrid approach: you get big buzz guaranteed right now, they get money guaranteed right now.

And you’ve convinced them to try out affiliate links in the process (make it part of the campaign), so likely they will continue that once they’ve seen the benefits.

Stop Treating Bloggers Like the Bottom of the Sales Funnel – They are the Top

That means, by nature, affiliate marketing with the traditional approach is doomed, which is a shame.

Working with bloggers has tremendous benefits. They’re the ones getting the first word out to millions. They’re the ones people trust far more than most other marketing methods.

But they’re not the ones you should focus on for sales numbers. You can’t track it well with bloggers because they’re too high up the funnel. Focus instead on starting with paid campaigns to more evenly compensate them as top of funnel, and track other numbers, such as impressions and social media shares and reach.

Don’t Fall for Smoke and Mirrors

It can be tempting in a business so focused on numbers to fall for the numbers win approach with blogger outreach. Actually, they can be wildly misleading and cause you to miss working with very influential bloggers. If you don’t know how to spot a quality blogger, hire someone who does to help you.

Bloggers are the movers and shakers of the web, but they need different programs and tactics from affiliate managers. If you do it properly, the rewards are immense (and profitable) for everyone.

Kelby Carr is CEO of Type-A Parent, a premier conference and blogger network.

This article appeared in issue 34 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2016.

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