5 Ways To Land Your Ideal Position – By Mike Carney

by Sara Szado on April 11, 2016


I want… no, I deserve more. That message comes across loud and clear when speaking with candidates looking for new opportunities. They want to improve their situations and they are prepared to make a career move to make it happen.

The problem is that most fail in landing their ideal positions, due to reasons that could have easily been avoided. In industry terms, their pre-sell pages and conversion paths were not very good.

You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression, and no level of re-targeting will help you secure that conversion if you mess it up. That is why I’ve put together a quick checklist to ensure you won’t miss out on the next great opportunity.

To start out, you need to realize that you’re marketing yourself, so take things as seriously as your campaigns.
These are my top five tips to help you land your ideal position.

1. Identify What You’re Looking For

Wanting more and being able to define what more means are two totally different things. Make a list of all of the things that you love to do – and can get paid for. Very quickly you’ll figure out what you are not only passionate about, but what you would be an outstanding candidate for.

2. Clean Up Your Profiles

After you apply, one of the things that employers may look at is your social media profiles. As much as they’re looking for positives, they are also looking for negatives to trim the candidate pool. If you have a lot of party photos or trolling activity, then you can likely expect to lose out to another candidate.

3. Be Employer Focused

Put yourself in the employer’s shoes. Would you hire you? I know data but I’m no data scientist. Only apply for jobs where you believe you’re a top three candidate. The employer has a problem that they are trying to solve. If you’re the solution then apply and quickly present why you are the solution. Consider your resume as your pre-sell page. You need to create interest, showcase benefits, and get them to decide that you can help them, and make it all above the fold.

4. Showcase Your Accomplishments

If you’re an affiliate manager, then most employers understand exactly what you do, so don’t bore them with pages of tasks and responsibilities. You have 15 seconds to convince them that you’re a top candidate. Pull out your “so what” marker, and go through your resume. Focus on where you worked, what you specialized in, and, most importantly what you accomplished there. If you have a successful track record with reputable employers, then you are have a better chance of landing that ideal position.

5. Be prepared.

Whether you are interviewing by phone or face-to-face, you need to know the position and employer inside and out, and present your accomplishments and numbers as if happiness were the award for first place, and that there is no consolation prize.

Mike Carney is the Founder and President of PerformanceMarketingJOBS and an Online Veteran since 1997.

This article appeared in issue 34 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2016. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-34

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