Five Ways You’re Wasting Your Time – By Dan Fink

by Sara Szado on December 23, 2015


It’s always easy to find something that you could be doing for your affiliate program. Filling up a full 24 hour day, executing on various projects and initiatives, is possible, but should you be?

A lot of the time during our day is potentially wasted on the wrong tasks. When we find ourselves working late at night, or through the day with little to no breaks, it’s simply because we’ve wasted time.
So, we should ask ourselves how are we wasting time and what can we be doing more effectively?

1. Using Email At The Wrong Time – Most of us use email as our main form of communication, and in most cases that is fine. However, email can be a rather poor form of communication, especially on issues of importance. If a publisher or your client is working through an important issue, rather than email about it, pick up the phone and discuss the subject. Discussing issues on the phone can provide a lot more clarity than using emails, which do not convey tone and may confuse an issue further.

2. Too Many Initiatives – As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to come up with a lot of ideas to enact in your affiliate program. Many people try to do too much at once, resulting in poorly run campaigns that return poor results. Instead, pick two or three ideas that help to grow the program incrementally the most and focus on them until completed.

3. Surfing The Net – While this is more of a general time-waster, losing time on the internet is very easy. A whole world of information is at your fingertips, so why not go over that Fantasy Football roster one more time real quickly. Easy, because that doesn’t figure into your clients ROI and doesn’t help your publishers advertise your clients more effectively. Using browser add-ons to control your surfing habits is a great way to enhance your productivity.

4. Ignoring Data – Underutilizing various data sets available to affiliate managers, such as demographics, consumer behavior, and others can lead to large amounts of wasted time in the shape of ill-conceived recruitment initiatives and poor offer development. Make sure to utilize data at hand to be creative and go after those small niche publisher verticals that are customer-rich for your brand.

5. Living In Your Comfort Zone – Working on the same type of initiatives and never expanding the breadth of your program’s channel is a major way to waste time. New technologies and affiliate marketing strategies are popping up faster each year. The affiliate world is a much more complicated one than it was even a few years ago. So if you are simply resting on your laurels and being complacent, there are many opportunities to grow your program that are being missed.

Dan Fink is a Senior Affiliate Manager at Schaaf-PartnerCentric.

This article appeared in issue 32 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2015.

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