Maybe Stick With Your Cushy Job – By Missy Ward

by Sara Szado on November 27, 2015

Your job may be cushy, but is it just a paycheck? Do you love getting up to go to work, or are you just getting through the day?

If you’re putting in your 9-5, but there’s no passion behind it, you’ve probably contemplated a change of some sort. You might have considered becoming a full-time affiliate marketer, but you know it’s risky because you know that you won’t make money, if you’re not making sales and you need a safety net.

It’s ok. You’re not alone. Many people who would definitely rather be doing something else choose to work for larger companies in related fields, where their earnings are capped and their freedom is limited.

Many are fairly certain that they’d be much better off on their own, but they just don’t seem able to make that leap. Are you ready to make that leap?

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to become self-employed – even if it’s just part-time – take a careful and thoughtful look at why you should stick to your cushy job.

1). You think flexibility is overrated.

Some people like routine. They don’t want to have a flexible schedule or the option to do something different with their time. If you’re like that, working for someone else is the way to go. You’re told when to be there and when to leave, so you don’t have to worry about making your own schedule or changing up the rules. It’s safe – if you like that sort of thing.

2). You like being told what to do.

Your cushy job won’t require you to think like you’d have to if you were self-employed. If that’s what you like about your job, you probably wouldn’t want to leave it. Not everyone wants to have the responsibility of being in charge, and it isn’t the right choice for every person.

3). A paycheck can trump your passion.

Being passionate is needed if you’re going to be a self-employed person, especially if you’re going to get into affiliate marketing. If you’re not typically a passionate person, or you don’t want to get involved with a job that actually matters to you, keeping your cushy job would make sense.

4). You don’t want to make decisions.

Being the decider is required if you’re self-employed. Who else is going to do it? The boss? That’s you. Not everyone wants the opportunity to make decisions, and some people certainly don’t want to be required to do so. If you fall into that category, that cushy job could be the best thing for you.

Now that you know why you should stick to your cushy job, is that really what you want? It may feel safer, but you have to analyze whether it’s really giving you everything you need to be happy and fulfilled in life.
For many people, a cushy job just doesn’t do that. But self-employment will.

Is it time for you to test out the waters?

Missy Ward is the Co-founder of Affiliate Summit, Co-Publisher FeedFront Magazine and blogs on

This article appeared in issue 31 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in August 2015.

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