How to Prevent Fraud with PIN Submits – By Jochem Gratama

by Colleen on May 20, 2015

Promoting mobile content/PIN-submit offers can still be very lucrative these days. That said, it’s extremely important to find the right mix between type of traffic, type of offer, payout, and CR (conversion rate).


As a publisher, you always want to keep receiving budget for the offers in your portfolio with a competitive payout. In order to make this happen for a long period in the PIN-submit vertical, it is crucial to deliver users with a good ARPU (average revenue per user) to the advertiser.

A good ARPU or ROI (return on investment) can only be achieved when you are generating conversions that are actual users entering the database of the advertiser. If not, the advertiser is potentially paying for fraudulent or low-quality conversions and your CPA and budget will drop or stop.

At all times, the full chain needs to prevent paying for any fraud traffic, so it is important to know how to prevent and detect fraud traffic as swiftly as possible. The following are the main methods to prevent or spot fraud in this vertical:

1. Be in control of your traffic sources. Double-check publishers as soon as they sign up by verifying if their sign-up IP location matches, whether the company name exists, examine the website, and make a quick call. Last month, we had a Fish and Chips restaurant on the phone instead of a publisher. Before running with a new publisher, find out exactly what type of traffic you will be receiving.

2. Agree on a conversion confirmation on a billed sale with the advertiser. If the advertiser can support it, have the coversion pixel fired when the user is successfully billed.

3. Thoroughly analyze the traffic that comes in, and do so on a daily basis. There are about 20 different parameters to look at in order to spot suspicious patterns or real fraudulent traffic in your data. If you spot any fraud activity, you need to optimize your sources. This is something which goes beyond the regular fraud tools.

By constantly optimizing your traffic, you will prevent reversals and other issues with your advertisers, which will allow you to focus on growing with your best performing sources.

4. It is very important to be proactive on quality and the instant churn rates with the advertiser, as it will take them a relatively long time to determine the real user value. Make sure you are passing your publisher IDs through to the advertiser, so you can optimize per publisher and don’t need, for instance, to decrease the payout on all traffic you send.

5. Whitelist the IPs of the advertiser’s server, so you don’t get any fake conversions into your platform that the advertiser has never seen.

Make sure to reverse fraud conversions with your publishers ASAP and be open about it to your advertisers to cultivate a long-term partnership.

Jochem Gratama, VP-Sales at Pocket Media, works mainly with mobile content and app installs.

This article appeared in issue 30 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2015.

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