Affiliates and Family: An ASW15 Aha Moment – By Michelle G. Held

by Colleen on May 15, 2015


Affiliate Summit West 2015 was an enjoyable and memorable experience. I have attended the east coast version many times, but this was my first time at the Vegas venue. One of the best parts was meeting the other speakers during the High Roller cocktail hour. It was nice to see how many were long-term friends, not just colleagues. Another favorite part was meeting the behind-the-scenes people who make the event run well.


After I had spoken about Pinterest during a Monday session, I had the pleasure of chatting afterward, in the hallway, with the photographer and others I met. The photographer proved his skills and snapped the new profile photo included at the top of this page.

I was tired and looking forward to winding down for the night. As I headed up to my hotel room to change into comfortable shoes, I received a text message with an invitation to a vendor’s cocktail hour. This is Vegas, and another Affiliate Summit after-party sounded like fun. Change of plans. Relaxation was struck from the evening agenda and off we went.

After making my way from Paris over to Bally’s, I sat in a suite chatting with three affiliate program managers who demonstrated a few of their affiliate products. We did our nails, made jewelry from Swarovski Crystals, and had some wine. This was heaven. The entire time I thought how these products were a perfect fit for Pinterest and Instagram marketing.

The nail polish brand name was familiar. The company belongs to an industrious entrepreneur who broke into the beauty market by clever marketing and excellent use of social media. I read about her in Forbes Magazine.

One of the vendors mentioned that her daughter was doing a little affiliate marketing. Doh! What an aha moment. Why didn’t I think of that (first)? My daughter has a respectable social media following, does beautiful makeup artistry on her already beautiful face, and is producing video tutorials for friends. She has always talked about a fortunate friend who earned sponsorship from a major clothing retailer.

It is an absolute no brainer for her to break into entrepreneurship through affiliate marketing. I looked over at her and asked if she was interested in a nice search engine optimized (SEO) website and a YouTube account to host her videos.

“Do you think you can commit to blogging at least once a week and be open to tracking on the website?” She said, “Yes!” Another affiliate marketer is born. Video and images are a great way to add content to any website. It boosts your SEO effort, entertains, and adds value for your followers.

Entrepreneurship is a family affair. My son sells jewelry online. Kids are eager to make some cash of their own and many are naturals at social media. Encourage them and help them get started on their own.

Michelle is an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist who blogs on and

This article appeared in issue 30 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2015.

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