Why Travel Is Good For Your Business – By Travis Glenn

by Colleen on February 16, 2015


Anyone who has worked in the affiliate marketing space has probably picked up on the fact that our industry is spread out all over the world. The global nature of the business will force interactions with people from different countries on a daily basis. Affiliate networks and merchants are based in nearly every geo you can think of.feedfront-cover-29-188x240

The global, multicultural nature of our industry is one of the best things about it. This provides an excellent opportunity to travel. Many affiliates work from home or have the flexibility to setup an office anywhere they see fit. This freedom can lead to communities of affiliates popping up in exotic locals (Bangkok, for example). A large number of merchants and affiliate networks have offices in multiple countries.

As you can see, many in our industry have found the outstanding benefits of travel. I will share of few of my favorite aspects below.

Relationship Building
If you are an affiliate, a merchant, an affiliate network employee, or other professional in the industry, the primary reward of travel can be building relationships. Meeting a business associate in person can establish trust and give you a chance to learn the best way to move forward. In contrast to the typical back and forth emails and Skype chats, getting some direct face-to-face time with someone can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Conference Attendance
Conferences are a great reason to travel. It allows you to find new potential business, as well as build relationships with your existing contacts. Readers of this publication have probably attended an Affiliate Summit, which is a great place to network and build relationships. There are many other great conferences to attend in the United States and abroad. One of the easiest ways to find worthwhile conferences is to talk to those who you do the most business with and find out which shows they attend.

Tax Deduction
Business travel is typically considered a business expense, and may result in tax deductions for a business. I will not go into much detail on this section, as I am not an accountant or tax attorney. Please consult a local tax professional for more information on this.

Finding New Perspective
I believe that seeing new sights, meeting new people, and experiencing a new culture is a powerful thing. It can help you better understand and relate to the clients, customers, and contacts. I learn something from every trip taken. Gaining knowledge of customs and etiquette can make you more effective in dealing with people of those cultures, as well as broaden your perspective on life and business.

The benefits of business travel are numerous. With proper planning and follow through, there is very little downside. I urge you to see if there are conferences or events outside of your city, state, and even country that are in line with your business goals. Analyze the results afterward, and you’ll likely find the trip was worthwhile.

Travis is PeerFly’s Director of Business Development, you can follow him @TravisPeerFly on Twitter.

This article appeared in issue 29 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2015.http://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-29

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