6 Merchant Essentials for Affiliates to Succeed – By Josh Kent

by Colleen on February 13, 2015


For affiliates to truly succeed, they will need a combination of tools and information. Are you providing these to your affiliates?feedfront-cover-29-188x240

Analytical data is king. At a minimum, show your affiliates the traffic and sales that they are pushing to your website. If your affiliates are paying for traffic, this will be essential in determining their return on investment. Without good stats, you leave your affiliates in the dark.

If your affiliates are using Facebook ads, retargeting is a must. Retargeting allows affiliates the ability to show ads directly to visitors, regardless of where they were lost in the sales funnel (landing page, shopping cart, checkout, and post-sale). Some of the most effective affiliates will retarget visitors on all levels. Allowing your affiliates to retarget will greatly improve their conversion rates.

Widgets are typically snippets of code designed for quick deployment within content websites. Widgets are a great way of delivering your products or services. They allow your affiliates to strategically place content relevant products within specific websites. Widgets are ideal for affiliate bloggers and content publishers.

Layout Configuration
Give your affiliates the ability to configure the landing page. Perhaps a different default product view or the ability to turn cross selling on or off. Options like this will allow your affiliates to conduct their own audience tests.

Appealing Website
Even the most powerful affiliates can’t do their best with an un-optimized site. Make sure that your website is the best that it can be. Have an outstanding landing page, clean navigation, clear product descriptions, and a user friendly check out system. In doing so, you will produce higher conversion rates for that affiliate traffic.

When it comes to communication, keep the lines open (forums, newsletters, Facebook groups). Often times, affiliate programs become cold to both the vendor and the affiliate. In the end, all affiliate programs are code based systems built on rules and boundaries. Think of your affiliates as your partners, collaboration typically brings the best results!

Josh Kent is the owner and CEO of SunFrogShirts.com.

This article appeared in issue 29 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2015.http://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-29

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