Pinterest is Perfect for Content Marketing – By Michelle G. Held

by Colleen on January 28, 2015


Content marketing means creating and communicating stories, information, and images for the purpose of education, entertainment, or productivity. Content marketing is a relationship building strategy, minus the sales pitch. The goal is to earn interest by adding value, rather than to sell.feedfront-cover-29-188x240

Pinterest is a purely image-based social network that uses graphics and photos to convey content to the audience. It is an excellent platform for content marketers and any business that can creatively represent itself visually. A Pinterest content marketing plan should directly relate to what you sell without actually selling it.

What Do I Pin?
Attract followers and get clicks by pinning information such as tutorials, case studies, videos, newsletters, guides, and blog posts. People love stories. Tell your followers about your successes, failures, education, or backstory.

Common content marketing pins include:

• Blog posts
• Books
• Newsletters
• Presentations
• Podcasts
• Videos or Webinars
• Case studies

If you are an author, pin the cover of your book. Develop other materials such as worksheets or bullet lists of industry tips. If necessary, add content to your website. Be sure to develop a pinnable graphic to go with each topic.

Craft pins from photos, graphics, or text. For live presentations, pin a thumbnail from the video. For worksheets and white papers, create and pin a graphic that contains call-to-action text. An example of this is, “Teach an old dog new tricks. Click here!”

Tall images are repined more often than wide ones. Creative pinners can use photo editing software or PowerPoint to develop infographics. Infographics are especially popular on Pinterest and used to convey instructions, data visualizations, or other knowledge. Pin infographics with simple, visual tutorials, and relevant text descriptions.

Optimize for Mobile
Over 75% of Pinterest traffic comes via mobile devices (1). Be sure your graphics are high quality, vertical, and easy to read. Fill in a keyword rich description for each pin. Mobile devices cut off the description at about 100 characters, so be sure to include your message or call-to-action at the top of the pin.

Increase Your Following
The strategy begins with setting up the right Pinterest boards. Take time to look at others in your sector and see what they are pinning. Find a niche to add value and to emphasize your strengths.

Establish boards that will fit your content. If they don’t already, include boards that gel with popular Pinterest topics by weaving in a few of the “big five” into your pinning plan. These are the most popular Pinterest topics and include quotes, food, crafts, décor, and fashion.

Content marketing works by setting the groundwork for trust and establishing credibility. Marketers can succeed by being human and giving their audience content that contains attractive visuals, is interesting to read, and most importantly, is useful to them.

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This article appeared in issue 29 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2015.

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