Facebook Advertising Tips for Affiliates – By Kyler Patterson

by Colleen on January 7, 2015


Facebook advertising can be tough. Especially when you’re an affiliate sending traffic to someone else and you can’t always directly track conversions through different channels. feedfront-cover-29-188x240

This article isn’t going to break down how to create an ad or how to set your budgets, but it will provide you with the tips you can use to be a successful affiliate promoting on Facebook.

Warm Up Leads

Sure, some product owners create some amazing landing pages designed to convert even the coldest of leads. However, not all of them do so. If you’re sending people straight to the offer from Facebook, any number of things can happen.

Either Facebook’s URL structure breaks the affiliate link, thus losing your sale, or the viewer is immersed in the offer without fully knowing what’s going on. This is especially true if it’s a flashy page with bright colors and a screaming video that starts almost immediately. You know what I’m talking about.

Instead, send them to your page first. It should be less flashy and “salesy” but prepares them for the offer. You can do this with a video, personalized review, or whatever you prefer. If you understand your target market, you’ll know which method is best.

Authority and Trust

Someone comes to your site and their first question is “Who are you?” They don’t want to shell out money to someone they don’t know or trust. How do they know you’re not just some guy off the street pitching a product?

Don’t be afraid to get personal with it by adding your name in your article or landing page. Then take it a step further and give them some background information about yourself, or even the product owner, so that they can feel at ease when purchasing.

Capture Emails

When you send your hard earned traffic to someone else, they’re potentially getting all of those emails. If they are a good marketer, there’s a great chance that they will put those people in their email funnels to continue to upsell them. So while you got paid once for that lead or conversion, they’re making a recurring income off your traffic.

If you’re sending them to your landing page, attempt to capture their email before sending them away. You can also send them the affiliate offer coupled with a whitepaper or Ebook to encourage the email submission. Prepare for future selling opportunities.

Wait. What?

This all looks like stuff we should be doing in the first place. So why list it out here? The answer is simple. Whenever I talk to affiliates about paid social advertising, they seem to be lost.

A lot of people attempt to send visitors straight to the offer and wonder why they aren’t seeing sales. If you take some time for the basics and do a little ground work for your offers, you’ll start to see higher conversion rates.

And if you capture those emails, you have the opportunity to send related products down the line for more revenue.

Kyler Patterson is the Marketing Coordinator for HostGator and passionate about digital marketing.

This article appeared in issue 29 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2015.http://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-29

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