Four Reasons to Consider SAAS Over Networks – By Kim Salvino

by Colleen on October 24, 2014

tl;dr Four reasons to consider SAAS: agility and ability to innovate, true partnership, cost savings, and data personalization.

Affiliate marketing depended largely upon traditional affiliate networks in its infancy. Advertisers would join one of the “Big 3” networks and install a snippet of code. Affiliates would join a network, apply to programs and place links. Networks would act as a gatekeeper, shielding affiliate contact details, traffic sources, and physical locations, while facilitating commission payments and tracking clicks and sales. feedfront-28-cover-small

Two decades later, much has evolved within the industry, including improved communications, shared contact information, traffic and promotion visibility, call tracking, and more. The need for more direct relationships, changing affiliate requirements, and advertisers clamoring for data has revealed that a traditional network is no longer the default choice.

Many advertisers are opting to partner with SAAS (Software As A Service) technology providers that facilitate tracking for internet marketing programs, while allowing the advertiser full access to their data and their partners.

Why Should An Advertiser Consider SAAS?


SAAS providers are far more agile. They pride themselves on being able to adapt quickly to the needs of advertisers, whether it be to build a program with a multi-layered tracking requirement, or developing one-off reporting features.
Traditional networks tend to offer what they offer and that’s it – or may be willing to make limited changes at a cost. Using SAAS technology allows for tweaks and refinements easier than traditional networks are typically capable of acting upon.


SAAS providers are vested in their partnerships. They celebrate a client’s success and treat each client as a partner, and not a number. Often, you will hear traditional networks tout the number of advertisers or affiliates using their service. They wish to be the most popular solution, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best one. SAAS providers want their technology to be the right fit for your needs.


When transitioning from a traditional network to a SAAS solution, a cost savings should ensue. All of the ancillary items that a traditional network promises may not be of value. Costs for program management, network promotion, and recruitment may no longer apply. The program, affiliates, and data are yours. If you are performing many of the promotion, reporting and recruiting tasks, why pay for those services?


The number one reason to consider a SAAS can be summed up as ‘Your Data, Your Way.’ Tracking and reporting are completely customizable, with endless options for data collection. Your pixel or batch report can contain as many parameters as you deem necessary, can be altered as needs change over time, and can appear in your reporting suite as you choose.

Data points, that you pass through, can be inserted into any existing report, or can be included in a new report altogether. In the end, the data you deem necessary should be accessible within your interface exactly as you wish to see it, with the added component of flexibility, should you need to make changes or additions.

Kim Salvino is Client Services Director for Performance Horizon.

This article appeared in issue 28 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2014.

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