5 Tips to Capitalize on Hot Markets – By Wade Tonkin

by Colleen on September 1, 2014

tl;dr – 5 steps to success in short term, event fueled affiliate opportunities.

Every affiliate would love the chance to make a lot of money in a short time window. Hot markets give affiliates this opportunity. A hot market, by my definition, is a particular event that can be leveraged to drive a burst of sales over a few hours or a few days. feedfront-27-cover-small

In sports, we’re talking a World Series, College National Championship, or Super Bowl win. And in non-sports verticals, maybe it’s a big movie release with an accompanying press and merchandising push, or the release of a celebrity fashion line.

Here’s what affiliates need to do to make the most of these opportunities.

Identify the Hot Market Events – The great thing about most of the big sports hot markets is that you know when they occur. The major sports leagues publish their calendars in advance. Do some research on which teams are most likely to be involved. In entertainment or fashion release dates are available well in advance and with a little homework you can build out a marketing calendar with all of the important dates in your niche.

Build Out Your Sites, Social Media, and Email Lists – If you’re lucky, the team that you have a site/social presence for will make it to the big game. I’d hedge my bets by making sure your properties account for the top five or six teams most likely to be in the final mix. Email is still really important, as it gives you a great way to reach out when it matters, so don’t overlook building an opt-in list. Facebook Pages have taken a bit of a hit with algorithm updates, but can still be a big part of your marketing mix. Make sure your audience is engaged and trusts you.

Identify Affiliate Programs and Build Relationships with Affiliate Managers – Find the affiliate programs that provide the best combination of inventory, payout and cookie length terms, low return rate, and immediate access to targeted creative. An experienced affiliate manager is your best friend, as they will provide great tools and have good tips on what works.

Plan – Write your blog content, social media posts, and email newsletters, and have them ready to roll out when the time comes. When it’s money time, you should just be publishing content and pushing “send” on your email campaigns.

Execute – When your team wins the big game, or when that big Hollywood Blockbuster is released, ride the excitement by pushing creative hard and fast. In the last four years, I have pushed creative live as late as 1:30 AM after a game ended. The affiliates who stayed up with me and did the same made money overnight, while the ones who waited lost out.

With some research, planning and a focus on execution, you can score some great commissions in addition to your normal affiliate income.

Wade Tonkin runs the Fanatics Affiliate Team, overseeing affiliate programs including Fanatics.com and NFLShop.com.

This article appeared in issue 27 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in August 2014. http://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-27

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